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8 August SYD 2-4pm | SG/MY 12-2pm, KimChi & Sauerkraut Online Workshop (Registration Closed)

15 August SYD 2-4pm | SG/MY 12-2pm, Trio Ferment Online Workshop (Registration Closed)

Why is fermented food good for us?
Fermented foods are rich in probiotic bacteria and it will help to increase the health of your gut microbiome
and digestive system, as well as enhancing your overall immune system.


Unfortunately, most of the store bought fermented products are pasteurised. Pasteurisation involves heating
food to a sufficient degree to destroy all bacteria, including the health promoting ones. Therefore, homemade
ferments are the best as it contains live, intact bacteria to give you the most benefits and it’s money saving

Let’s dive in to learn a little more about ferment science in class!
Fermentation can sound scary to many people. You may worry you are not doing the right thing and 
know what to expect - how do you ensure your ferments are doing okay? Well, this is what I’m here for - to
help you! Once you get the hang of how fermentation works, you will discover the world of fermentation is
full of fun and will be confidently trying out seasonal and local ingredients that you have in your area. This is
a life changing experience, there is no turning back once you discover the fun of fermentation world!


All the recipes taught in class are tested, probiotic-rich and delicious! Since this is an online workshop, I
have designed the class so that you do not need any specific starters to start your ferment. All you need is
good quality of salt and probiotic capsules.


Each online workshop you will learn:

  • 3 to 4 recipes for basic fermented foods which includes one culinary recipe

  • A good understanding of the health benefits of fermented foods.

  • Tricks and techniques that are set for successful ferments

  • Gain confidence in your own kitchen by learning the fermenting skills in class

  • Tips to help you how to include more fermented foods into your daily diet


Each participant will receive in-class handouts including recipes learned in class, with the health benefits of
the ferments, as well as tips and tricks for fermentation.


* A special offer for participants who purchase the two classes: I have decided to open one month long
private Facebook support group to answer all your questions and guide you to success in your ferments,
the support can come in many forms: live Q & A sessions, some live sharing from me, or answering your
questions in the group. The goal is - I want you to be successful in your ferment journey and enjoy the
goodness of eating fermented food and having a healthier you! *


As a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, I have experience in recipe development, therapeutic foods and
cooking for health. I can guide you along and teach you how to successfully ferment probiotic rich food even
after our online class for those who sign up to the Facebook group!

8 Aug 2020 Sat 2-4pm SYD time/ 12-2pm SG/MY time KimChi & Sauerkraut Online Workshop

(Registration Closed)
You will learn how to make napa kimchi (Chinese cabbage kimchi) and purple cabbage sauerkraut from
scratch, as well as a culinary kimchi dish.
KimChi and sauerkraut are both famous for its probiotics in these fermented food, in the class, you will learn
how to turn ordinary produce into probiotic rich food in your kitchen.

15 Aug 2020 Sat 2-4pm SYD time/ 12-2pm SG/MY time Trio Ferment Online Workshop

(Registration Closed)
Coconut yogurt, vegetable pickles, and beet kvass and a nourishing coconut yogurt breakfast recipe.

Coconut yogurt may not sound popular in Asia countries, but it is a yummy and nutrient dense food to be
included into your diet. In Asia counties, coconuts are abundant and easily found, it will be fantastic if you
can learn how to turn fresh coconut into probiotic rich food at home.
Vegetable pickles- you will learn to turn ordinary vegetables into pickle by using right ingredients and
increasing the bio-availablity of these nutrients to your body.
Beet Kvass - this is my love! Kvass is a must-have morning drink for me to give me extra energy, it also
helps to detoxify the body while supporting the liver and kidneys.

More health benefits of all these fermented foods will be discussed in class!

Kimchi & Sauerkraut - A$40/RM100

Registration Closed

Trio Ferment- A$40/RM100

Closing date for registration: 13 August 2020

For both classes: A$80/ RM$200

Bundle 2 classes to get to join one Full month-long Private Support Group (Facebook) from me!

Registration Closed

While you are welcome to purchase individual workshops too, please take note the FB private support group
will NOT be included in for individual workshop purchase.


How to register for Australian & Singaporean:

  1. Click Register Now button at the top right of the page.

  2. Increase the Quantity under the Tickets section to 1.

  3. Click Checkout.

  4. Log In or Sign Up as a site member to continue the checkout process.

  5. Fill in the relevant details and click Continue

  6. Choose the Payment type (PayPal) and make payment in Australian dollar.

    • You can still proceed to pay via Credit Card / Debit Card if you do not have a PayPal account​

  7. You will be notified successfully registered for the workshop through email automatically.

How to register for Malaysian only:

  1. Click Register Now button at the top right of the page.

  2. Increase the Quantity under the Tickets section to 1.

  3. Click Checkout.

  4. Log In or Sign Up as a site member to continue the checkout process.

  5. Fill in the relevant details and click Continue

  6. Choose the Payment type (Manual Payment)

  7. Please make payment to my Maybank Saving Acc

  8. Email me at of your receipt and indicate with your name as proof of payment.

  9. I will notify you on your registration through email manually.

The earlier you sign up the class, the sooner you can get yourself prepared for the class. Once you sign up for the class, I will email you a list of kitchen essentials to prepare before class. For bundle classes, you will be invited to join private Facebook group and I will see you in there soon.

I am so excited that I can share my fermenting journey with you soon, COME and join me in my kitchen!


In health,
Hui, Sydney
POMI Culture

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