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2 Ingredients Fresh Coconut Milk | 自制椰奶

Yield: 500ml to 1litre (thick to thinner milk)

Prep Time: 5-10 mins

One of my favoruite plant milk, it is creamy, flavour is intense, natural sweetness and love the fresh coconut flavour that you don’t get them from store bought coconut milk.

Ingredients 材料:

  • 1 whole fresh grated coconut 一粒新鲜椰丝 (or 2 cups dried coconut flakes 或两杯干椰丝)

  • 500ml filtered water (warm to hot) 过滤水

Do it in Thermomix way:

  1. Blend all ingredients in Thermomix, 2 min, speed 8-10.

  2. Strain using nut milk bag and bottle the freshly milled coconut milk and refrigerate to chill immediately. Please use lid tight glass bottles only.

Kitchen Notes:

  • Using high speed blender like Thermomix helps to extract more flavour from coconut meat.

  • It is normal that the coconut cream and water will be separated after several hours in fridge. You can scoop out the cream to use over dessert or cooking. You can stir it to combine the liquid before serving.

  • Best to consume the coconut milk within 2 days especially in tropical countries.

  • You can always add more water to your milk if you like thinner milk.

  • if using dried coconut flakes, please use hot water to extract more flavour from coconut meat. you may need to blend high for 1-3 mins.

  • You can dehydrate the leftover coconut meal to make coconut flour, use them into baking.

  • Using warm to hot water can soften and steep the shredded coconut, resulting in an easier blending and better flavour of your milk.


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