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The following article was extracted from the Faceook Post by GIRLS Rising UP. As GIRLS Rising Up is featuring a series of small and medium-sized businesses owned by multicultural women. POMI Culture is proud to be featured!

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GIRLS Rising Up is featuring a series of small and medium-sized businesses owned by multicultural women. Today we introduce an online business teaching nutritional cooking and living.

Delivery and fast food options are so readily available these days it is easy to develop a habit of reaching for take-out menus.

But having a lifestyle of cooking nutritious meals can become just as routine as Singaporean immigrant Hui Chii Lau (Hui) demonstrates via her business POMI Culture.

Having a nutritious lifestyle has been a passion for Hui since her health started to deteriorate several years ago.

“I began seeking out a natural way of healing my body and I experimented with the whole foods diet - also known as real food diet – with no processed foods whatsoever. And eventually I regained my vitality, strength and health,” she said.

Since then she has graduated from the Functional Nutrition Academy in Australia as a nutrition coach as well as being a Certified Instructor of Culinary Nutrition Expert from a programme based in Canada.

“As a nutrition coach, I look beyond food and take the larger environment challenges that impact upon health into consideration,” she said.

“POMI Culture was born out of my passion in my nutritional journey. The word POMI originates from the word pomegranate, which is said to be the tree of life. Every pip could become a tree which then bears more fruit and so on. In the same way, I want to introduce this whole food philosophy to as many families as possible so the tradition of cooking nutritious food from scratch will pass down generations,” Hui adds.

While POMI Culture is now a fully integrated business with a programme of workshops, cooking demonstrations, grocery/market trips and kitchen/pantry resets on offer, it actually began by accident among Hui’s family and friends.

“The idea started among when people would gather in my father-in-law’s house in Malaysia and I would give an informal workshop and cooking demonstration. I did about 10 of these workshops in 2019 for friends who wanted to learn more about nutrition and healthy cooking,” she said.

“I then expanded the idea to paid workshops and demonstrations and conducted a few of those in Singapore. The original idea was for me to fly over to Singapore several times a year for more of these sessions,” she said.

When coronavirus put an end to that business plan, Hui moved it online. “But this has also been an opportunity because people are at home, they want to eat healthier and also have more time to cook. I started with free cooking demonstrations on Facebook and then progressed onto the website offering paid workshops,” she said.

Hui said motivating the person who is in charge of the kitchen and encouraging them to pass on their knowledge to their children is important to families maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Often when the person who does the most cooking is not there, the family gets take out. But having a few people in the family who can take over that role means they can still enjoy a healthy meal that night,” Hui said.

Hui’s holistic approach can be seen in her upcoming class on fermentation. During the ‘Trio’ class, she shows how to make homemade coconut yoghurt, pickles from common vegetables and a fermented drink called kvass. As well as one culinary dish where the items can be used.

“I want to show them how to combine these items into a meal. For instance, how to use the yoghurt in a breakfast,” she said.

A 2-hour online workshop costs A$40 though one day she hopes to expand that by doing cooking classes and workshops in her Sydney home.

“I have to prepare, demonstrate and cook it all myself, as well as answering questions. I’m a one woman show!”

If you own or know of any businesses which would like to be featured on GIRLS Rising Up, please get in touch with us at or PM us here.


I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent coverage. Thank you GIRLS Rising Up for featuring POMI Culture!


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