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29 May 2021 SG/MY 2-330pm | SYD 4-530pm | Online Zoom Virtual Learning from Hui's Singapore Kitchen

What is healthy eating? The answer is : Just eat real food!
What is real food eating? Eat food that is as close to its natural state as possible.


This workshop focused on preparing healthy beverages and snacks without using refined sugar, all based on real food ingredients only. 


It is my motto to COOK FOOD FROM SCRATCH in kitchen. Through all these years in pursuing nutrition studies and spending so much time in kitchen cooking food from scratch, I found that Thermomix has become an indispensable kitchen aid in my meal preparation. It is not only time saving but also deliver nourish food for my family table. If you haven't heard of how to use Thermomix to prepare your food from scratch, this is the workshop that I would like to invite you to attend and gain an insight of how I prepare healthy beverage and snacks to nourish my family members and myself. 


I am delighted to have special guest, Ms. Amy Heng, Team Manager of Thermomix Singapore to join me for this workshop. She shared her experience and tips of using Thermomix TM6 with participants. 


During the workshop, participants learnt how to make/prepare:

  1. Best Fresh Coconut Milk

  2. Golden Turmeric Latte 

  3. Immune Support Green Smoothie

  4. Blueberry Creamy Cashew Custard

  5. Bonus Recipe


Learning outcomes after attending the workshop:

  1. Understand the importance of eating real food

  2. How to do some ingredients swap to healthier versions

  3. Learn how to use more herbs into these recipes

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