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8 August SYD 2-4pm | SG/MY 12-2pm, Online Zoom Virtual Learning

Why is fermented food good for us?
Fermented foods are rich in probiotic bacteria and it will help to increase the health of your gut microbiome
and digestive system, as well as enhancing your overall immune system.

Unfortunately, most of the store bought fermented products are pasteurised. Pasteurisation involves heating
food to a sufficient degree to destroy all bacteria, including the health promoting ones. Therefore, homemade
ferments are the best as it contains live, intact bacteria to give you the most benefits and it’s money saving

In this KimChi & Sauerkraut Fermentation Workshop, participant learnt how to make napa kimchi (Chinese cabbage kimchi) and purple cabbage sauerkraut fromscratch, as well as a culinary kimchi dish.

KimChi and sauerkraut are both famous for its probiotics in these fermented food, in the class, the participant learnt how to turn ordinary produce into probiotic rich food in their kitchen.

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