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15 August SYD 2-4pm | SG/MY 12-2pm, Online Zoom Virtual Learning

Why is fermented food good for us?
Fermented foods are rich in probiotic bacteria and it will help to increase the health of your gut microbiome
and digestive system, as well as enhancing your overall immune system.

Unfortunately, most of the store bought fermented products are pasteurised. Pasteurisation involves heating
food to a sufficient degree to destroy all bacteria, including the health promoting ones. Therefore, homemade
ferments are the best as it contains live, intact bacteria to give you the most benefits and it’s money saving

Fermentation can sound scary to many people. You may worry you are not doing the right thing and 
know what to expect - how do you ensure your ferments are doing okay? Well, through this workshop participant learnt and get the hang of how fermentation works. They discovered the world of fermentation is
full of fun and will be confidently trying out seasonal and local ingredients that they have in their area. This is
a life changing experience, there is no turning back now that they have discover the fun of fermentation world!

In this Trio Fermentation Workshop, participant learnt how to make coconut yogurt, vegetable pickles, and beet kvass and a nourishing coconut yogurt breakfast recipe.


Coconut yogurt may not sound popular in Asia countries, but it is a yummy and nutrient dense food to be
included into their diet. In Asia counties, coconuts are abundant and easily found, it is fantastic that the participant learnt how to turn fresh coconut into probiotic rich food at home.


Vegetable pickles- Participant learnt to turn ordinary vegetables into pickle by using right ingredients and
increasing the bio-availablity of these nutrients to their body.

Beet Kvass - this is my love! Kvass is a must-have morning drink for me to give me extra energy, it also
helps to detoxify the body while supporting the liver and kidneys.

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