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My Food Philosophy

“I believe in eating a wide variety of foods, of which as much as possible organically grown, local and seasonal. This is to include meat that are sustainably raised or consume only wild caught seafood. I always like to enjoy the food in its most natural state. This will give me the widest nutritional value and best support for my overall health.”[1]


I grew up in a small town, Malaysia, where seafood was plentiful, as it was near the sea. We lived frugally, but my mother always provided us with fresh food to feed us especially with nutritious wild caught seafood. Never did I realise that my childhood food had become part of my current food philosophy, where I actively source for wild-caught seafood. As for meat, I purchase it directly from farmers who raise their animals sustainably; as grass-fed, free roam and happy animals.


I love the idea of cooking from scratch with the ingredients in their most natural state. People can build strong food culture in the family and thus pass down this real food eating culture to next generations.


I have adopted the “farm to table” concept by visiting a farmer’s market weekly. I will bring at least one of my children to go with me each time, which also serves as quality one-on-one time together.

Let’s eat only real food, create health!




[1] Kalinik, Eve. Be Good To Your Gut. Piatkus, 2017

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