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My Story & POMI Culture​


Hello… my name is Hui Chii! I grew up in Malaysia, met my love, Sung and we lived in Singapore for twenty years, before migrating to Sydney in 2015. In Australia, I go by Hui (easier to remember!). In Asia, I go by my birth name, Hui Chii. Together, we have raised three beautiful and loving daughters!

I enjoy cooking from scratch in the kitchen to serve my family fresh, nutrient-dense meals every day. I practically live in my kitchen 24/7 (except for when I’m sleeping!) because my kitchen is my playground. I love fermentation too! I love the idea of the ‘farm to table’ concept and I’ve adopted this concept as our family’s lifestyle and philosophy. It means we buy our food from farmers directly (no middleman involved) to serve up fresh, beautiful and colourful whole-food on our dining table daily.

My venture into the traditional whole foods diet has been an interesting one and I truly thank God for leading me onto this path. It started when my health began to decline  few years ago, during which I began seeking out a natural way of healing my body. I experimented with the whole foods diet (also known as real food diet – no processed foods whatsoever) and eventually I regained my vitality, strength and health. This was such a rewarding journey for me that it became a new passion of my own!

Since then, I have spent countless hours researching nutrition, have done numerous online courses and attended many cooking workshops. I was so glad that I graduated from the Functional Nutrition Academy in Australia as a nutrition coach in year 2018.  As a nutrition coach, I look beyond food, instead taking the larger environment challenges that impact upon health into consideration. This course has and will continue to be life changing for me. It is an internationally accredited nutrition course that incorporates a science-meets-natural approach, that is kept up-to-date with any new breakthroughs in the field of nutritional science.

In year 2019, I further my nutrition studies with Culinary Nutrition Expert programme based in Canada. I was very pleased that I graduated as a Certified Instructor of Culinary Nutrition Expert in Dec 2019. 


Now, let me share with you the emergence of this company: POMI Culture. POMI Culture is born out of my passion in my nutritional journey. My hope is to share the passion in my life with my family, friends and community and hopefully to the world. The word POMI originates from the word pomegranate, which is said to be the tree of life. Every pip could become a tree, and every tree could bear another hundred fruits and every fruit could bear other hundred trees and so on to infinity. It is my wish to reach out to the world by introducing this whole food philosophy to as many families, mothers and children as possible, so that the tradition of cooking from scratch in the kitchen will begin from home and a strong food culture will be passed down from generation to generation.


So, come on into the kitchen with me, let’s explore the fun of cooking from scratch with real food ingredients and live a healthier life together!

Wishing you good health and happiness always,



May 2020 


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